Help Yourself Foundation

How the Program Works

  • Create after-school academies on college campuses across the country;
  • Attract the best minds to spark the children’s imaginations;
  • Instruct them in a demanding curriculum developed by National Board Certified Teachers; and
  • Immerse children in a way of life that will broaden their horizons, stir their imaginations, and alter their views of themselves and their futures.

     Help Yourself Academies

  • Enroll 24 disadvantaged third graders annually, a class size large enough to ensure that a significant number of students enter college from the class and small enough for one teacher to handle effectively;
  • Operate on college campuses (we have programs across the country, and we will add at least three colleges each year);
  • Involve parents (or surrogates) in regular sessions to ensure that what is gained in the academy is not undone at home;
  • Provide students with a curriculum rich in science, technology, engineering, and math so that they will have the tools to succeed;
  • Create one-on-one mentoring networks with college students, thereby establishing role models for the children and simultaneously channeling the idealism of college students into a “campus corps for children”; and
  • Enhance relations between the college and the community through a board of local grade-school teachers and college personnel.

No other program combines these elements.



The program improves on the model established in 1988 at Wisconsin’s Beloit College, now in its 19th successful year. At Beloit’s academy, 41% of the children stayed with the program through high school, and 95% of those children went on to college (compared to 36% of area students not participating in the program)

We expect to exceed those results.