Help Yourself Foundation

Our Mission
To change the lives of disadvantaged
grade-school children through the creation of after-school academies on college campuses.

For most children, college is an expectation. For those at-risk, it is an elusive dream. The difference, all too often, comes down to support.

In America, far too many children live in poverty. Few will ever gain the knowledge or the skills to attend college.

Over the past two decades, colleges have often reached out to disadvantaged high school students. High school, however, is too late. By then, most of these children have seen the dream drift by and have lost interest.

In 10 years, the first academy children, once considered probable drop-outs, will graduate proudly from high school and enter college.

By then, several thousand at-risk children will be enrolled in academies nationally. We will gauge their progress carefully through standardized tests, gather critical data, and continuously evaluate the program to ensure that we are restoring hope and securing the futures of impoverished children.

In short, we will not allow poverty to rob these children of their dream because we will help them to reach out, catch that drifting dream, and turn it into reality.


Children will experience immediate benefits by:

  • Adopting good study habits and developing new interests and skills;
  • Having passionate and knowledgeable teachers preparing them for the rigors of school;
  • Feeling the joy of increased confidence and self-respect as their school performances improve; and
  • Thinking of themselves as children with a future — and expecting college to be part of that future.